Thursday, February 26, 2009

After two months of not getting dinner made until 7:30pm, I began thinking to myself: 'Self, there must be a way to keep the baby happy & fed WHILE I make dinner and do chores'. After some searching I have discovered "Babywearing". I have now made myself two different "baby wraps" and I love them! See, LOOK!

That smile isn't there because I'm getting more sleep! OH, No. It's there because I have a happy sleepy baby AND dinner done before bedtime! It's a miracle!

But is this the end of my baby-stuff-making? Nope! After a long and discouraging trip to attempt to buy my rapidly growing infant some clothing, I found that EVERYWHERE has already switched to summer clothing. Well, it's still February. And I live in New England. It's cold. Swimsuits do no good in 2 feet of snow and a -3 windchill. So after a bunch of looking around and using language which probably shouldn't have been used in the childrens section, I gave up. I threw a mini-tantrum and I bee-lined for the craft section of Wally World. There I bought myself a pattern for baby clothing. This was the end result:

Nice, warm, polar-fleecey goodness! Clothing stores be damned!