Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sing-A-Long with Ozzy!

I should have seen it coming. Really I should have. Gaven is 3 1/2 now, and by the time he was 2 I had taught him how to make the "rock on" sign with his fingers. And in the car, we've always taken turns picking songs off of my iPod (he picks one, then I pick one). So it really shouldn't have completely shocked me when I put Gaven to bed a couple months ago and as I went to sing him the usual "Hello Moon" song, he stopped me.

"No Mama. Tonight please sing Iron Man."
"You want me to sing you Iron Man?"
"Yeah know....Da da dadada....Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?...That one Mama"
(Here I am staring flabberghasted)
"Mama, sing now please"
(And he rolled over and shut his eyes)

I sang it. A bit confused, I sat there and sang Iron Man as a lullaby to Gaven. This has been the norm every night since. After a few days I thought little of it (although I'm pretty sure Nic thought this was the coolest thing ever).

Over the next couple of weeks, I noticed a change in his music selection in the car. When it was his turn to pick a song, he no longer picked "Dance Magic" from the Labyrinth, or any of the Disney tunes I have. No. He wanted Iron Man by Black Sabbath, One from Metallica, and Cherry Bomb from Joan Jett. I tried to steer him back to his original music by picking his usual songs....but to no avail. Finally, I subcumbed to letting him pick what he wanted thinking that it would be a stage.

This morning I dropped the children off at daycare. I saw Gaven's teacher coming up to me with the "We need to talk" look on her face. She tends to talk to me in the morning because my mom picks the kids up for me in the afternoon. Apparently, Gaven had to go in time out the day before because at Sing-A-Long time he kept asking to sing songs that, for obvious reasons, they don't have the music for at daycare. After the teacher explained to him that they didn't have the music for Iron Man or Ace of Spades Gaven coped an attitude and announced "That's stupid! Motorhead rocks!"

As you can imagine, that made me feel like Mother of the Year. I told her that I would discuss this with Gaven. And although I will admit that deep down, part of me smiled a bit at my mini-metalhead, I guess it's time to teach my son not to be a Music-Nazi.

When we drive home tonight, Grateful Dead it is :-)