Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Brain is Leaking.....

At the presant moment, my brain is going in about 12 directions at once. This happens FAR more often than I would like, but alas, such is my life. So, to clear my brain a bit, I am sharing my disorganized thoughts with the guys at least.

-The longer I live with my beagle, and the more I hear about other people's beagles, the more I think the entire breed in braindead. Therefore, it really shouldn't mystify me when my dog pees in her crate, and instead of drinking the nice clean water in there with her....she drinks her own pee.

-Uh...if you ever come to my house, you probably shouldn't let the dog lick you. The whole saying that "dog's mouths are cleaner than humans" does not, in ANY WAY, apply to my dog.

-I have recently become completely and possibly irrivocably what? Making baby shoes and PJ pants. The flannel just comes in so many colors that my mind overloads at the fabric store and I just end up buying everything.

-There's a ghost in my house. She's a little girl. I'm starting to think she's more annoying than my 3 year old. And she apparently hates the show Ghosthunters......go figure.

-Nic got rid of his mohawk....*tear*

-How is it that my 3 month old already thinks that farts are funny? He farts, then he laughs. It's the cutest, stinkiest thing ever. See, this picture was taken while I was holding my nose:

-Calling Syrus "Mr. Stinkypants", apparently motivated my son to call the cashier in Wal-Mart the same. Lucky for me, he liked kids. :-)

That's about it for now. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but my brain is fried.....damn, I could really go for some fried ice cream.....