Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Wants It....I Wants It SOOOOOO Bad!

Anyone who knows me well also is quite aware that when it comes to spending money....I hate it. And when I do spend it, it's RARELY on myself. Even when I buy fabrics it's generally to make things for others. This does not mean that I don't have a huge list of things that I want... oh, I do....but it does mean that I don't get them because I feel guilty spending money.

Now bring in life issue #2. I have 5 more pounds of baby weight to lose. If I actually tried I could do it in a relatively short amount of time. But, to be honest, I haven't given it more than a half assed approach.

My solution to both issues? I lose my 5 pounds I get to buy myself something that's on my 'want list'. I even have it picked out already! Yeppers! An awesome woman ( I met through this whole blogging thing makes these awesome, smile-inducing recipe boxes and recipe cards with her other half! Go look at them!!! (and follow her blog, she does give aways every Monday from other crafters who make awesome handmade thing!)

I wants the raven's become my very own precious (oops, my inner dork leaked out).

So it's back to bellydancing with me! I went Monday night and did drills hardcore. It felt SOOOOO good! And now Sabrina (my teacher) wants me to perform in October! WOOT! This is my mission. I have chosen to accept it. Damn, now I just want something to self destruct!