Monday, March 23, 2009

The Herb Gypsy Boutique

My life is all sorts of crazy (which anyone who knows me at all realises already). At the moment, there is a giveaway featuring one of my Blackberry Sage candles on blogspot! So go here: and try to get it :-)

Speaking of my candles....the new shop is coming along awesomely! Here are some pics:

Our awesome, hand-painted signage (some young ladies made this for us!) :-) What other store do you know has peacock feathers coming off of their sign?

Upon entering, you see our counter, our aprons, and my jewelry display! The chair in the front gives you a teeny tiny peek at our little consult area (for herbal issues & tea enjoyment issues).

When you look the other way you get a view of our giant shelf (thanks to Nic's dad!), our herb weighing station, the clearance rack and my tote display!

Here is a close up of my tote diplay! I love old shutters..they're far more useful than the people who threw these out believed!

I hate that this next picture came out all dark...the wood is really bright and natural! This is our bulk herb shelf (we are herbalists after all)/candle display! Pretty soon I'll have to spread the candles out a scent line is GROWING!!!

Close up of the jewelry display! The basket on the bottom conatins bath fizzies....SO much fun!

As we really are herbalists, we do love our herbs...and blending them into teas! We ALWAYS have a pot of tea favorite is the Yerba Mate Breakfast Blend! It smells like waffles! On this day it was Peppermint Orange Tea.

And where to drink the tea? In the afore-mentioned tea area of course! You have to take my word for's in this picture :-) But most prominent in this picture is what makes the shop so business partner Dawn, my boys, and Dawn's awesome daughter Maggs! Family owned and run all the way :-) And boy do the children LOVE to help!

So there you have it, a very quick tour of The Herb Gypsy Boutique! We are quite proud of what we have accomplished! So if you ever get the chance, come on down and see us!


Christopher And Tia said...

It looks great!! I'm excited that you put up pictures :)