Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mrs. Lovett, I Presume

As it happens, along with my latest crafting endeavors, I have decided to make a concerted effort to cook healthier for my family. While there's nothing "wrong" with what I've been making, I have recently come to the (now obvious) realization that as long as Gaven helps me cook something, he will eat it. This INCLUDES green vegetables! *insert collective gasp here*

The first step in this healthier regime is simply to make more from scratch. It is no longer enough for me to have the knowledge and ability to do something. Now I will actually apply that knowledge. Seriously, I've started making my own yarn, so what's cooking a whole chicken more often? Or making a good breakfast in the morning? Well, okay...the big breakfast will take a few weeks to become a daily phenomenon, as it is I have to wake up at 5 just to shower. But it will happen! I will make it!

A huge part of this "return to homemade" plan is reverting to things that I learned from my grandmother...affectionately known as Nan. Her and my grandfather ran a functioning farm for years and years. She made everything from scratch. She was the one who watched me while my mother had to work up until I was school aged. It was with Nan that I picked vegetables with in the garden to make dinner with. She taught me to mend my own clothing, basic sewing skills, and basic cooking. And strangely enough, one of my fondest memories was helping her to make her own hamburger, mincemeat and sausage.

Yeah, a lot of people may say 'ewwwww', but when you're 5 and get to turn the big hand crank on the meat grinder, you feel pretty special. Therefore, it goes without saying that meat products are going to be one of the things I will be making from scratch. I didn't ask for that meat grinder for Yule a few years ago for nothing! Now it will finally get to work. I will know what goes into it and can control the amount of fats and types of meat.

In the end, I am simply trying to cut back on processed items in my families food. How hard will it be to MAKE more cookies instead of giving in and just buying a bag? Not hard at all, Gaven loves to help me bake and he learns from it too. How difficult is it to make my own crust for chicken pot pie? It's not difficult in the least. And how hard is it to make my own sausage & hamburger? Once again, not hard at all. Now if Nic will just stop referring to me as Mrs. Lovett whenever I take out the meat grinder I'll be off and running! On second may do well to keep him on his toes...and Helena Bonham Carter is my favorite, after all :-)